We regularly receive questions about the differences between Tesla plates (or purple plates) and Koltsov plates, also known as Functional State Correctors (FSC).

The two products have common objectives: increasing vital energy and improving the health and well-being of living organisms: human, animal and plant.

Both devices energise liquids and food, protect against electromagnetic pollution and bring harmony to your living space. But what makes them different?

Indeed, although these two plates are based on the discoveries of the famous physicist Nikola Tesla, there are many differences in their composition and principles of action.

It is through the modification of the molecular structure of aluminum by the anodising process that the purple plate works. A microcrystalline surface is thus obtained that resonates with the vital energy, linked to that of negative ions. The plate serves as a small antenna to resonate information from the Schumann field (the magnetic field between the ionosphere and the earth) to the human aura.

The Koltsov plate (Functional State Corrector) is composed of active elements and is made of magnetic ferro-resin. Thanks to iron ions, information favorable to all living forms has been recorded on these supports. The Koltsov plate transforms the electromagnetic waves surrounding it into scalar waves (free energy or radiant energy) by adding one or more predefined information(s). The active elements are arranged in such a way that one strengthens the other, which ultimately results in a powerful energy vortex, which we know in traditional Chinese medicine as QI (or Prâna in Ayurveda).

Also, both plates are antennas or free energy vectors. On the other hand, according to our tests, each Functional State Corrector is much more powerful than a Tesla plate.

To date, there are 7 different colors of Tesla plates with slightly different functions. As for Koltsov’s plates, there are currently nearly 130 models with extremely varied information that target the different problems to be worked on for each living being.

For example, by using one or more Functional State Correctors from the blue series, you could obtain beneficial effects on the physical body and the etheric body. The Koltsov plates of the exclusive and collection series, in addition to the positive actions on the physical and etheric bodies, would soothe the mind, bring emotional balance, promote the expansion of consciousness, and give the impetus to change, development, evolution and much more…

In conclusion, the properties of Tesla plates are more general: they improve the well-being of living beings by providing more energy.

Koltsov plates, on the other hand, are much more complete and have more targeted and advanced features.

In general, we can mention the correction of the functioning of the body’s systems as a whole, protection against electromagnetic radiation and negative energy influences, the structuring (vitalisation) of all liquids, the re-harmonisation of energy centres, the increase in vital energy and much more.


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