When the cold and damp weather comes, our bodies suffer the consequences. The arteries and the heart are particularly affected by the cold because the body has to muster enough energy to maintain its temperature. This means that the heart beats faster, it uses more oxygen, and the blood vessels contract, causing the blood to clot. When this is the case, our body is in a state of stress and this has a negative effect on our immune defences.

In addition, inside air is often too dry due to heating. Apart from the discomfort it causes, this situation can lead to irritation of mucous membranes and can encourage the survival of certain viruses such as cold and flu viruses. Conversely, a particularly high level of humidity encourages the development of bacteria, fungus and other moulds, thus giving rise to health problems such as rhinitis and allergic rhinitis. Since allergens are present in the spores of certain moulds, the people exposed to them are at greater risk of suffering from asthma or respiratory symptoms.

All these factors contribute to an increase in the number of respiratory illnesses, such as flu, colds, bronchitis or other ENT infections.

How can the body be strengthened and these problems avoided?

  1. The first thing to do is to maintain body temperature by wearing warm clothes and by eating hot water-based meals like soup for example.
  2. The temperature of the home should be kept between 19 and 21°C so that the atmosphere is neither too hot nor too dry. Living space and bedrooms should be aired regularly.
  3. Drink sufficient amounts of water that has been structured using a FSC because the cold can lead to dehydration, which leads to reduced blood flow and puts more strain on the heart.

The two best Functional State Correctors to combat viral respiratory infections (prevention or treatment) are FSC «Extra ENT» and FSC «Treasure of Spain».

These Koltsov plates protect the ENT organs and the lower respiratory tracts (ear, nose, oral cavity, throat, larynx, lungs) from infections. In addition, these plates accelerate the elimination of symptoms linked to ENT illnesses and accelerate the healing process of the organs. FSCs «Extra ENT» and «Treasure of Spain» are essential for maintaining immunity during the period of colds and seasonal flu.

When everyone around you starts to cough and sneeze, we recommend that you also use FSC «Gift of Fire», «Orlov woods», «The Source of Great Mountain» designed to protect and fight against various respiratory illnesses.

FSC «Healing-2», FSC «Indi», FSC «Secret Lake» and the «Danilovo Lake»  Koltsov plate are also highly recommended. By fighting bacteria and inflammation, these FSCs restore and improve the working of the immune system.

Functional State Correctors n°1 «Anti-parasite» and n°2 «Detox» (basic set of FSCs) are our main allies in the fight against bacterial and viral illnesses. They carry information from more than 100 different medicinal plants.

  • FSC n°1, by fighting against parasites and mycoses and acting as a vermifuge, gradually creates an environment which is hostile to all the parasites present in the human body (microbes, viruses or harmful bacteria).
  • FSC n°2 complements FSC n°1 by boosting the elimination of toxins and body waste. It strengthens the immune system and enhances endurance and adaptability when the body is confronted with unfavourable environmental factors.

When they are used together, FSCs n°1 and n°2 maintain the acid-base balance, increase metabolism and strengthen immune defences, thus ensuring that you remain in good health.

Our environment is variable: it changes each second, each hour, each year. Every living being adapts to these changes and evolves. It is possible that the current FSCs may not be sufficiently effective in fighting certain viruses or bacteria. When faced with a recurrent problem, the variation in yearly rhythms may involve changing both the type and the length of treatment. In this case, we recommend that you add FSCs containing new vibrations, such as FSC «Liberator» and FSC «Powerful water».

FSC «Liberator» fights bacteria and helps to neutralise the various viruses, microbes and bacteria present in the body. It stops the development of pathological processes in the cellular tissue.
FSC «Powerful water» will give increased vitality to all the systems and will restore the person’s energy.

We also draw your attention to FSC «Healthy Lungs».

The information contained within it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, which are very helpful in fighting against various illnesses of the broncho-pulmonary system (acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pleurisy, etc.). 

The «Healthy Lungs» Koltsov plate boosts the cleansing of the respiratory system from phlegm and sputum, and the elimination of toxic substances. It can help in quicker recovery from acute or protracted illnesses. 

It is also very important to wear FSC «Immune Shield» and FSC «Renewal» bracelets when the maintenance of immunity and the prevention of colds and viral illnesses is of particular topical issue.




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