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Rune EL

Qualities and Properties of the Divine

The El Rune is a rune representing the Beginning and everything New, especially concerning a new attitude towards oneself and the World. It is only through an understanding of the New that the door to God and to a New Creativity will be opened.

Similarly, the El Rune helps in sweeping out all of the chaotic debris from your life, allowing you to brush off your perception’s filters and see things, events and people as they are, and not as we only wish them to be.

The graphical representation of the El Rune is a dot, meaning a Void. Sentences end with such a point, but in runic notation, you can separate individual words out with a point and in the same way, choose to begin writing at your own volition, because writing from the Void (in Tao) has a completely different meaning.  

Words begin in the Void and go into the Void – but where did they get their power from? A recording from the Void (in Tao) requires harmony between Strength and the identity of the Tao – only then can a word be written in the Void. In any case, the Void will manifest itself in what you write or say and will swallow everything that is not yours, everything that is borrowed and everything that is old. For the New has Fullness, and the old has Emptiness. But the Emptiness (and the gaps) do not affect the one who has attained Tao and who writes on the Void itself.

Rune AYA

The Divine Time and Mother

Time and its steady trickling away.

The Rune of Time helps one shape Time, leading to Fulfillment. The time of the Spiritual World moves in Co-Existence and does not coincide with the time of ordinary existence – the latter is but a simple wave in the endless ocean of life. In order to feel Time and truly live it, one must first learn to appreciate and love every moment. 

Learn to accept with joy both the bright and bitter moments of life with joy, for both were once keenly felt by you. The Aya Rune contributes to the fulfillment of spiritual events without taking into account material factors – that is, the Rune does not allow anything impure, while at the same time, engaging in transforming rather than discarding. Thus, by applying the Aya Rune to the material, you will turn affairs in such a way that only spirituality can arise and the Path ahead of you will surely open. It is on this account that the Rune is called “Aya” – “Holy.”


Protection and the Mirror

The whole world can be our oyster, but first, we are tested for skill and consistency, which are brought out from our inner microcosm by purity and harmony. 

It is only then when you bring your inner world to order and give it the impetus for development, that you will be able to make exactly the same changes on the Outside. Internal impurity attracts the same matching forces from the outside, and so, therefore, any hostility held towards your person is in effect something that you yourself are responsible for bringing about.  

The channel of influence is a causal relationship, the essence of which is in temporal and spatial twists distorting the outer and inner worlds. The Algo Rune will smooth out these turns and close the fissures found within them. However, when summoning the Defense of the MIRROR, you must have the courage to look Truth in the eye. When looking into the Mirror (even a physical one), let go of all your perceived imperfections, first of which are your spiritual ones – they will disappear with their source, in their half-grown state, at the same time as the Mirror moves in the opposite direction. The Mirror has the power to take away troubles, illnesses, old age, and wrinkles … The Mirror will help you acquire clarity of thought and purity of the body.

Rune VOZ

Changes and a New Beginning

The Voz Rune speaks of the need for an emergent new – first of which is a new approach to cognition, to life and to people.

The New is the inner Aspect of Fulfillment and the result of the harmonious interaction of Spiritual Forces with matter and harmonious movements in Matter: a correct understanding, correct conditions and correct attitudes towards people and goods. Only within such an atmosphere can changes ripen, bringing the Spirit into life. And the result of such changes will be an improvement to current situations, endeavours, and life in its material manifestation. Any attempts to change the situation without a change in yourself and without a change in inner harmony will lead to various difficulties and obstacles.

The driving force behind all change is of a feminine nature, that is, Matter is created for the Co-Creation of Changes in the Spirit. Therefore, the result of the change is found in the spirituality of man. Changes are at the core of a man’s Path, and, having assimilated the experience of change (change of Voz), he will lead a woman to the Spiritual World. It is impossible to place any obstacles in the path of change. Obstacles arise as a consequence of disorganized, impulsive aspirations and an inharmonious, one-sided approach of a person to knowledge and to life. Where there are changes leading to the spiritual, there luck will be born, and all possibilities will open up.

The Runes of a New Age are part of a concentrator of energy sphere. 




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