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The purpose of this article is to answer the most frequently asked question: ‘Can PIOKAL products be used with Functional State Correctors?’

Our answer: ‘Yes, of course! Functional State Correctors and PIOKAL stimulators are compatible and produce better results when they are used together.’

As all our products have an effect on bioenergy, let us begin our article by speaking about it.

In China, Tibet, Japan, India and other countries, for many centuries life was represented as being vibrant bioelectric energy. This energy enables us to move, breathe, eat, think and feel things. Great scientists from ancient times maintained that not only does energy flow through the body, but it does so according to a very precise pattern, and by using special channels known as meridians.

The role of these channels or meridians is to take vital energy to the whole of the human body. When one of these channels is blocked, certain parts of the body are not supplied with energy whereas others receive too much. These energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury, bad habits, an overly strict diet, lack of physical exercise and can cause all sorts of health issues (physical as well as psychological or spiritual).

The flow of energy circulating in our body affects the way that we feel, the way that we think and determines our general state of health. When this lifeblood of energy is blocked, it leads to various imbalances, and with them, different problems of varying degrees of seriousness appear. The main role of PIOKAL stimulators is to unblock the congestion affecting the flow of energy. By diffusing a person’s own energy, and gradually strengthening it, the energy bio stimulators make holes as it were in the blocked energy channels, so enabling the energy to flow freely.

When they are used in combination with Functional State Correctors, the outside environment can be harmonized by transforming negative electromagnetic waves into scalar energy, which has an extremely positive effect on our body’s energy field.

Human beings are unable to sense or to feel the electromagnetic field that comes from household electrical appliances. The effects of this radiation are not felt immediately but after build-up. The different systems in our body – nervous, cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and reproductive – are particularly sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The study of the influence of these fields on the way the human body works shows that their negative effects are linked to a problem in the exchange process of information, which leaves these systems and organs and ends up at the body’s cellular and molecular level.

By adding bio dynamic water, structured with Functional State Correctors, we exert a positive effect on all the body’s systems, given that blood, lymph, urine, saliva, tears and bile are made up of water in which various substances are dissolved. Water carries out particularly important vital functions: it helps in the breathing process and in heat regulation, supplements cells with nutritional substances and purifies the negative effects of biological activity.

For greater clarity, we can sum up with the following:

The main roles of PIOKAL bio stimulators

  • To unblock energy
  • To stimulate the natural process of elimination of toxins and other impurities from the body
  • To improve microcirculation

The main roles of FSC

  • To protect from aggressive electromagnetic radiation
  • To structure liquid mediums
  • To synchronize the inner rhythms of the body with those outside
  • To rebalance energy all round

Based on what has been stated above, it is clear that PIOKAL products and Functional State Correctors have different basic functions. By combining the two, we obtain a unique therapeutic interaction on a person’s energy state. For this reason, we highly recommend using PIOKAL stimulators in conjunction with Functional State Correctors in order to achieve the best possible result.


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