Since everyone is talking about detoxifying at the moment, I’m not going to avoid the subject either. And rather than telling you what to eat, I will tell you which structured water to drink. But even if a lot of FSCs are referred to in this article, you can always simply use two or three basic FSCs: n°1, n°2, and n°5 of the Blue series.

In the spring, a time of renewal both of nature and of the body, you can regain vitality and health thanks to FSC!

Changes of season are ideal times to start detoxifying and to enable your body to eliminate parasites, toxins and other excesses that have been building up over time.

After deep cleansing, your body will work better. What’s good on the inside shows on the outside: your complexion will be brighter, your skin cleaner, and your hair and nails stronger.

But sometimes it’s a good idea to detoxify at other times, not just in the Spring. If you have put on weight, if you have trouble sleeping, if your complexion is dull, your stomach bloated, you’ve got bags under your eyes, and you’ve got skin problems (eczema, acne…), ear, nose and throat problems (ear infections, rhinitis, sinusitis), urinary infections, allergies or a weakening of the overall immune system… then what you need is a complete body detox!

Here are the four steps for a good detox, which I recommend you follow in order:

  1. Eliminate toxins and waste matter
  2. Drain the organs of elimination
  3. Remove parasites and fungus
  4. Evacuate toxins resulting from parasite necrosis

Step n°1: Eliminate toxins and waste matter

It is a fundamental step. In fact, the elimination of toxins and waste matter makes the job of the emunctaries easier.

The emunctaries are the organs in the body that deal with elimination: they are the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the intestines. They can be likened to filters, or water treatment plants for the body. Their job is to evacuate waste matter in order to maintain the balance of the inner workings of the body. During this step I advise you to drink a lot of water, and in particular, water that has been structured using FSC n°2 «Detox», which if it is drunk for about ten days, will stimulate the elimination of toxins, waste matter and necrosed parasites from the body. Remember also to wear FSC n° 2 «Detox» on your person and to do a “Spinal Column Energy Recharge Exercise”. To do this exercise sit or lie on the floor, then place FSC n°2 «Detox» under your coccyx and FSC n°5 «Rehabilitation» on the last cervical vertebra for three minutes.

Step n°2: Drain the organs of elimination

Draining the emunctaries consists of stimulating the liver, the intestines or the kidneys in order to evacuate toxins. We advise you to use FSC n°5 «Rehabilitation» and FSC n°2 «Detox» simultaneously. By using Koltsov FSC n°5, the recovery process of the liver and its bile ducts is accelerated, the anti-toxic function of the liver and kidneys is stimulated and the blood and lymph fluid are purified.

Note: FSC n°5 can be replaced by FSC «Spring of Lamas» or «Hepavita».

Remember to drink a lot of water structured using FSC n°5 «Rehabilitation», and n°2 “Detox» and to wear both FSCs on your person for a maximum of three weeks.

It is preferable to sleep with FSC n°5 «Rehabilitation» placed near the liver, because according to Chinese medicine, during sleep Vital Energy is drawn inside and takes care of restoring and rebalancing the body. This stage comes to an end between one and three o’clock in the morning when the liver purifies the blood and carries out many jobs in order to prepare the Qi to flow towards the exterior.

Two hours before going to bed, an energy recharge exercise to stimulate the liver can be performed by placing FSC N°5 «Rehabilitation» on the liver, and more precisely, under the right hypochondrium, for five minutes.

We advise you to drain the organs of elimination as much as possible.

In order to facilitate the draining of the emunctaries, refrain from the intake of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, refined sugars, saturated fats (red meat, cheese, cold meats), ready meals and industrial products. FSC n°5 «Rehabilitation» will help you to fight against dependencies of all types and will cause an aversion to products which are harmful to your body (alcohol, tobacco, sugar, etc.).

Step n°3: Remove parasites and fungus

Removing parasites is fundamental to deep cleansing of the body. We advise you to use FSC n°1 «Anti-parasite» or FSC «Jiva», still in combination with FSC n°2 «Detox», and for a period of three weeks.

Parasites are organisms that live within a host, and which intercept nutrients in order to feed. They will deprive you of the best nutrients and leave you (in the best case scenario!) with the leftovers, while at the same time blocking you up with their own waste matter, which is often very toxic.

The waste matter of the parasites (neurotoxins, heavy metals or viruses) pass into the interstitial fluid of the cell tissue. From there, toxins then travel to the lymphatic system (the nodes whose role is to filter the waste products of the body), then they continue towards the spleen or the liver which will filter them themselves before sending them to other draining organs (like the kidneys, the bladder, the colon, the respiratory system and the skin).

Unfortunately, if you suffer from a chronic illness, some of your organs which are responsible for detoxification may have slowed down or been blocked. If this is the case, toxins flow once more in the body as they wait to be evacuated, which can cause symptoms like itching, joint, stomach or muscle pain, confusion, tiredness, lethargy, anxiety, mood disorders and more.

In order to avoid these symptoms, which are unpleasant to say the least, we recommend preparing your body by scrupulously following steps n°1 “elimination of toxins” and n°2 “draining of the organs of elimination”.

Step n° 4: Evacuate toxins resulting from parasite necrosis

In order to make sure that all toxins originating from parasites have been properly evacuated, drink water that has been structured with FSC n°2 «Detox», at the rate of 30 ml/kg of weight every day for ten days. This must be done once you have finished using FSC n°1 «Anti-parasite»

Once you have performed these four steps, you can start to use other FSCs which are more targeted to the specific problems of your body. However, if you only have FSC n°1 «Anti-parasite» and FSC n°2 «Detox», you can continue to use them together, as long as you respect the instructions.

Please note that if you do not have FSC n°2 «Detox», you can still use other Koltsov FSC instead: FSC «Liberator», FSC «Velikoretsky», FSC «Bogurayev», FSC «Pearl of Sergius», FSC «Hepavita» or even FSC-Bracelets «Renewal», «Navigator of Health».




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