Should I buy an expensive new Functional State Corrector? Or should I opt for the well-proven 5-elements Koltsov plate? These are the questions most frequently asked after the launch of the new 8-elements product by our loyal customers. Let’s start answering them in order and in detail.


The water structured by the 5-elements FSC and the water structured by the 8-element plates is THE SAME! This means that, for example, when you use the 5-elements FSC «Detox» and the 8-elements FSC «Detox», you will obtain water or another liquid with the same effect as that indicated in the description of each plate. The 8-element Functional State Corrector only accelerates the time needed to structure the water.


There’s a lot to talk about! We have the tried and tested 5-elements plates that we all use to improve ourselves in every aspect of life, with excellent results. The 5-elements Functional State Correctors, all series combined, have met all your expectations, and you are asking the reasonable question, “Why were the new 8-elements FSCs created?”

Well, the purpose of creating an eight-elements FSC is to enhance the effect. We always want more, we always seek to increase, intensify, and accelerate…

And now, we will pay special attention to the information and listen to our therapists, who have rigorously tested the 8-elements FSCs in the blue, purple and gold series for five months.

The 5-elements plates have a softer effect on the body, which gives these FSCs many advantages:

  1. Everyone can use them safely – including people new to FSCs, those who never used informational medicine products before, people who have not paid attention to their health, those with sensitivity issues, children, animals and plants.
  2. This means that people who have never used Koltsov plates in their lives can almost immediately put a 5-elements FSC in their pocket and wear it all day, without fear of being very tired from information overload, without fear of being disturbed by symptoms of chronic diseases and other stagnant problems sleeping in the body.
  3. You could carry lots of FSCs*at the same time without focusing too much on yourself, as the 5-elements plate easily adjusts to our energy.
  4. When you sleep, you can keep the 5-elements Functional State Corrector close to you: at the head of the bed or under your pillow.

On the other hand, the eight-element Functional State Correctors have a stronger effect on the body. They are suitable for experienced users who know how to listen to themselves and feel their energies. Such people, who can assess their condition by observing new symptoms, will always be able to adjust the dosage of the information they receive from the FSCs (i.e. the time they wear the plates) if necessary.

Does this mean that 8-elements FSCs can do harm? No! But they can overload an unprepared body with information. This can lead to increased fatigue, excitability or irritability.

This is why our therapists recommend a gradual and reasonable increase in the intensity of using such wonderful devices as the FSC.

Imagine we bought a great multi-functional machine to tone up our body. The first thing we do is read the manual and the safety rules. We set ambitious goals, and we already see how thin and beautiful we are, but we know that we will increase the load gradually, in small increments. Otherwise, by trying to speed up the process – we only hurt our back, joints, knees or ligaments. If not, we will spend a lot of time recovering and only delay the desired result. This is not a good option for us, and we start to improve with pleasure and a feeling of lightness, increasing the load little by little.

As you probably know, there is a well-known methodology in homeopathy which states that the smaller the dose, the higher the chances of acting not only on the symptoms but also on the root of the problem. This means that if we want to cleanse our body, for example, we use the 5-elements «Detox» and «Rehabilitation» at the beginning and observe the body. We get the effect in a mild form, without acute exacerbations. The body is purified and restored without stress. This is probably sufficient. Increasing the dose only sometimes improves the result, but in some cases, the eight-elements Koltsov plate may be more effective in combating negative symptoms.

The next exciting step is energy rebalancing exercise.

Their impact cannot be overestimated, and our therapists have concluded that by starting slowly, you can achieve excellent results and that over time, as you gain experience, you can accelerate your energy rebalancing time with the new eight-element plates. The 8-elements FSCs are recommended for professional use: for therapists, doctors and other health professionals, as well as for advanced users

You could carry lots of FSCs*What does a lot mean? We understand that when you get relief and notice an improvement using Functional State Corrector, you want to increase the result as quickly as possible by adding more Koltsov plates, but unfortunately, the concept of “a lot” is also individual. Someone can wear four FSCs on their body without feeling tired or overexcited, and for someone, two FSCs on their body is already too much – it’s all personal.




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