Which FSCs for which blood group?

Basing your choice of Functional State Correctors on your blood group and therefore on your immunological profile? 

What makes people belonging to the various blood groups different? What are the strong and weak points of each group: O, A, B and AB?

The following is the translation of an article written by the manufacturer of Koltsov plates. He based his article on a conference given by S.D. Andreeva, a professor with a PhD in Biological Sciences at the Academy of Natural Sciences, and also spokesperson for the FSC manufacturing company “Planet of Regions” and lecturer in the Department of Anatomy at Kazan State Medical University and in the Department of Diagnosis, Therapy, Morphology and Pharmacology at Velikoluk State Agricultural Academy.

The body is alive as long as immunity is present!

“Immunity (lat. immunitas – exemption). It is the capacity of the body to defend itself and to retain its biological identity by recognising and eliminating foreign cells and substances (including bacteria and pathogenic viruses) in order to maintain an internal state of homeostasis.

Innate immunity is acquired at birth, natural immunity develops after illness and artificial immunity is obtained following vaccination. You and I can influence artificial immunity using various ways and means (nutrition, combinations of vitamins and minerals, informational energy aids etc.) in order to bring about the body’s resistance and immunity to many viral and microbial infections.

Blood groups in Russia have numbers. The first is (I), the second, (II), the third, (III) and the fourth, (IV), whereas in the international system they are named as follows:  O – group I, A – group II, B – group III, AB – group IV. Blood types and the presence of certain antibodies in the blood indicate the compatibility or incompatibility of blood between people.

The Japanese believe that the blood group (A, B, AB and O) has an influence on personality.

In Japan, the blood group of a potential husband, a politician or even a future employee can prove to be indispensable. According to a BBC documentary aired on 29 April, offices are sometimes organised by means of blood groups. Romantic encounters are also influenced by the “compatibility” of partners, depending on the group to which they belong.

The importance of blood groups has been highlighted by Takeji Furukawa, a Japanese professor who is considered to be the father of blood stereotypes, and who has written an article entitled “The Study of Temperament Through Blood Type” (1927).

Below are the profiles of the different blood groups according to Professor S.D. Andreeva:

Blood Group O: ambitious, athletic, strong, confident, optimistic, arrogant, insensitive, unscrupulous and vain.

Strengths: a solid digestive system, an active immune system and a well-functioning metabolism.

Weaknesses: poor adaptation to changes in life conditions and an over-active immune system.

People belonging to blood group O literally have action in their blood. It is for this reason that they are advised to practise the most physical of sports, such as running, aerobics, martial arts and combat sports, cycling, roller skating and all extreme sports.

Sometimes, people belonging to blood group O seem impulsive and hyperactive. They are subject to ulcers, thyroid disease, hormonal system problems and suffer more frequently than others from iodine deficiency. In addition, they are more often affected by excess weight and neoplasms.

The following Koltsov plates are recommended for people belonging to blood group O:

« Yudek », N°8 « Night Formula », « Pearl of Sergius », « Olguir », N°2 « Detox », « Love », « Harmony », N°11 « Healthy Lifestyle », N°16 « Anti-stress », N°17 « Rebirth », N°22 « Back to the source », « Indi », « Tuning Fork ».

Blood group A or “agriculturalists” is characterised by an excellent digestion of plant-based food and an active social position. People belonging to this blood group may be described as calm, patient, sensible, responsible, excessively far-sighted, overcautious, and unable to relax. The best way for them to get rid of stress is to practise meditation and relaxation.

Group A’s immunological profile:

Personality: sedentary, constant.

Strengths: a good adaptation capacity and good resistance to epidemics and viral illnesses.

Weakness: a sensitive gastro-intestinal tract. The immune system speeds up the working of the metabolism, but it is vulnerable.

People belonging to this blood group should practise lighter forms of sport and physical exercise, such as swimming, walking, aerobics, cycling and yoga (meditation being the best way of getting rid of stress). People belonging to blood group A can experience the problem of thick blood with clots forming in the veins and arteries. They can suffer from cardiovascular disease, gallstones, oncological illness and diabetes.

The following Koltsov FSCs are recommended for people belonging to blood group A:

« Balance », « Key to health », « Brother in arms », N°1 « Anti- parasite », N°2 « Detox », N°9 « Healthy Heart », « Amaranth », « Hepavita », « Jiva », « Spring of Lamas », « Code of Gobi », « Olguir », FSC-bracelets « Renewal » et « Immune shield ».

Immunity and blood group B

People belonging to blood group B or “nomads” are calm, optimistic, wary and cunning. They are also friendly to animals, creative, flexible, individualistic, passionate, distracted, irresponsible and self-absorbed.

This blood group is characterised by strong immunity, a balanced nervous system and well-developed capacities of adaptation. The modern “nomads” are omnivorous, just like their distant ancestors. Used to not conforming to habits and customs, they act like real individualists and they are strong, optimistic, flexible and capable of creative thinking, yet they are also wild and unpredictable. They get rid of stress by being creative.

Group B’s immunological profile:
Personality: open to the world and optimistic, likes adventure, is sometimes reserved and often suffers secretly from depression.

Strengths: a powerful immune system and a tolerant digestive system.

Weaknesses: liable to develop post-operative infections, pneumonia, radiculitis and osteochondrosis. Women belonging to blood group B are subject to post-partum septicaemia and purulent mastitis.

In order to remain in good physical health, we recommend that people belonging to blood group B practise activities that combine physical effort and mental balance, such as cycling, swimming, tennis and table tennis. These people are predisposed to bronchopulmonary illness, joint disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune disease and sclerosis.

The following Koltsov FSCs are recommended for people belonging to blood group B:

N°18 « Synchronization », N°10 « Healthy joints », « Healing-2 », « Natural Antibiotic », « Healthy lungs », « Brother in arms », « Gift of fire », « Guardian », « Mamma », « Neurovita », « Velikoretsky », « Powerful water », FSC-bracelets « Renewal » et « Immune shield ».

Immunity and blood group AB

The AB group is a mystery. Open to spirituality and resourceful, people belonging to this group sometimes lose focus. They try to understand the big picture and possess the ability to react like a chameleon to environmental changes. Their digestive system is sensitive, and their immune system too tolerant. They get rid of stress by means of intellectual pursuits and by expending physical energy.

Group AB’s immunological profile:

The AB blood group (the calmest of all the blood groups) is: relaxed, restrained, empathic, introverted, rational, cold, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

Strengths: a tolerant immune system and emotional flexibility.

Weaknesses: a sensitive digestive system, a feeling of anger and of rejecting others. Moderate physical exercise is compatible with this blood group, e.g. yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, as well as exercises involving concentration, and the practice of martial arts.

People who belong to the AB blood group suffer most often from acute respiratory infections, from flu and other infections, angina, maxillary sinusitis, cardiac disease, oncological illness and anaemia. But their immune system is very resistant to viral infections.”

The following Koltsov FSCs are recommended for people belonging to blood group “AB”:

N°2 « Detox », N°14 « Golden Pyramid », N°15 « Rejuvenation », « Grace », « Three Saints », « Secret of Sage », « The source of great mountain», « Olguir », « Sacred cave », « Indi », « Key to health – 2», « The Winner ».


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