We sell only last generation, Functional State Correctors, with five elements.

The 5th element is a term that refers to the 5th active element added to the first generation Koltsov Plates to make them more efficient. The 5th element was added to the FSC at the end of 2015.

The last generation plate has 5 holes. In comparison, the old generation Koltsov plate had 4 elements and therefore the inner plate was perforated only in 4 places.

To distinguish Koltsov plates with 4 or 5 elements, the manufacturer has changed the colour of the hologram glued on the protective cover of the Koltsov plate and the inner plate.

If the colour of the hologram is silver – the Koltsov plate has 4 active elements inside. It is a plate of the last generation.

If the hologram is golden colour (it can be oval or rectangular), the Koltsov plate has 5 active elements inside.

In 2019 the manufacturer had changed the visual appearance of the labels on the outer protective cover of the FSC. The new hologram has a golden colour, but it is rectangular and has a QR code on it.

Here is the example


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