Treatment by Information Transfer ou Get Your Health Back is a book written by Kazimierz Piotrowicz, inventor of PIOKAL® Bioenergy Stimulators.

The secret to good health: information transfer in the body

If you want to get your health back or simply to stay healthy, we invite you to become familiar with the innovative method of treatment developed by Kazimierz Piotrowicz, doctor in medical technology information science from the International Academy of Information Technology and Processes.

In his book, Treatment by Information Transfer or Get Your Health Back (only available in English), Kazimierz Piotrowicz attempts to answer the question as to why we are ill and to explain how a transfer of signals carrying information both to and from our body, is fundamental to the recovery or preservation of health.

The method described in this book is thought to have been introduced into medicine in the 21st century. Tested by many members of the medical profession by means of case studies, and supported by the testimonials of people who have tried PIOKAL® Bioenergy Stimulators, the method described in this book gives hope to people suffering from all sorts of illnesses and to those who can’t find a solution to their health problems.



English, German

Polish researcher, K. Piotrowicz is the inventor of PIOKAL® Bioenergy Stimulators  (click here to find out more about PIOKAL products)

The introduction of the stimulators followed seven years of research and study. K. Piotrowicz was himself faced with illness – he was immobilised on a bed in danger of having his feet amputated – and his wife was seriously ill. Having lost all hope of recovery using conventional medical treatment, K. Piotrowicz began studying acupuncture, bio-resonance, bio-technologies etc…

As a result of work carried out by A. Gourvitch, G. Lakhovsky, F. Morell and others, K. Piotrowicz had the unique idea of using the reflection of the waves from the personal biological field for the treatment and self-regulation of the body. He chose the feet as the main organ of influence because it would seem that on the soles of the feet there are biologically active points which represent all the internal organs and systems in our body.

And so the bioenergy stimulators for feet appeared. Before going any further, K. Piotrowicz tested his invention on himself and on his wife. After seeing exceptional personal results, the action of the stimulators was studied on volunteers. It is said that hundreds of stimulators were sent free of charge to 40 convents, and to Pope John Paul II, who was suffering from a serious foot problem following a car accident. After applying these stimulators, the Holy Father is said to have been amazed at how quickly his health improved: the pain in his feet is said to have gone and shortly afterwards the Pope was able to marry several couples. As a token of his recognition, in May 1994 Mr and Mrs Piotrowicz are said to have been present at the papal audience where they received the Pope’s blessing for their project.

To date, it is believed that they have already helped hundreds of thousands of people in the world. 


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