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Natural beauty with facial reflexology.

If you are looking for a natural beauty product to make the skin of your face and neck look younger, the PIOKAL® Bioenergy Face Mask is for you!

Traditional facial massage and creams are not sufficient because they only work on a physical level. A much more effective method of facial treatment is facial reflexology, a source of many benefits both for the face and the body.

The PIOKAL® bioenergy stimulators contained in the face mask insure the reflection and amplification of the body’s wave radiations, which are produced by the active points on the face. PIOKAL® technology is based on the restoration of information links, the normalisation of energy flow and self-regulatory processes in the body, resulting in rejuvenation not only on the surface of the face but also at a deep cellular level.

Please keep in mind that we are not allowed to send this product to France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland.

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