FSC Professionals

Dear clients, visitors,

On this page, we present to you the therapists who work with Functional State Correctors. In our opinion, using such professionals is the best option in regards to the choice of the FSCs as well as the personalised use of them.
If you are such a therapist and you would like your contact details to be shared with potential clients, let us know by email (contact@centre-region.eu). In your letter please be precise about the language(s) you speak and whether you work online or only personally.

This service is free and beneficial to everybody.
Also, we can propose special prices for health professionals, so do not hesitate to request them.

Name: Nina Smelyh
Website: www.every-energy.com
Email: info@every-energy.com
Languages: English, French, German
Type of consultation: online only

Name: Svetlana Sialiu
Country: Lithuania
Email: kfs.svetlana.slu@mail.ru
Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian
Type of consultation: online only

Name: Guillaume Vacquet
Email: bio-nrj@sfr.fr
Languages: French
Type of consultation: personally and distant sessions

Name: Christine Hummel 
Email: christine.hummel@orange.fr
Languages: French, German
Type of consultation: only personally

Name: José Estrada Roig
Phone number: 622 30 62 57
Email: emibertosport@gmail.com
Languages: Spanish
Type of consultation: distant sessions and by phone

Name: Bayet Brigitte 
Website: www.biorsonance-var.com
Email: biophysiqueb@yahoo.fr
Languages: French, English
Type of consultation: personally and distant sessions


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